Artful Advertising: The benefit to video storytelling

February 13, 2018 | By: Diana Martinez | 2 min read

ShortFilmblog_1200pxYou’ll know it when you see it.

A compelling video advertisement. Well-crafted, smooth editing and incredibly subtle ties to its brand, product or service. These film-esque videos somehow keep your attention and, better yet, illuminate a relatable truth. This approach to video marketing goes beyond selling a product or service, or making you aware of a brand.

It’s about making a connection.

Over the holidays, Lyft released a series of “thank you” videos to a couple of their drivers who received praise from their passengers. Produced by Strike Anywhere and directed by Joshua Z Weinstein, the videos put the characters first and allow  them to carry through the  arc of the story through observational footage. One, a mom-turned-hero who saved her passenger’s life during the recent Las Vegas Strip shooting. And another, a friendly single father who makes people from all backgrounds feel welcome in his vehicle.

Displaying their generosity, Lyft gifted the drivers, Paloma and Lamont, with all-expenses-paid trips as a thank-you for their bravery and humanity. Each story is unique, gives the drivers praise, and shows a more human side to the business.

Why this works

It seems natural that a more direct, flashy kind of advertising would be impactful to audiences. Though it can be successful to a degree, that kind of approach misses a crucial piece of the puzzle that results in loyalty and trust. Getting artful and intentional yet still strategic with video marketing allows audiences to relate with your brand, learn about your character and develop respect to eventually become an engaged customer rather than an annoyed spectator.

The proof

And then there’s science. According to OneSpot, a content marketing platform, brand messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than cold hard facts. That’s because storytelling is known to activate parts in the brain that allow  someone to turn the story into their own ideas or experience. Plus, processing facts through a well-told story can engage multiple areas such as the motor cortex, sensory cortex and frontal cortex. In simple terms, it means your audience will better connect and remember the message you’re sending them if it’s through story.

Here are some other reasons to believe:

It shows you care about more than just the bottom line.

It humanizes your brand or company.

It evokes real emotion that leads to trust.

How we can help you

For some recent projects here at LaneTerralever, we’ve taken this approach to video marketing and storytelling for a number of clients such as Phoenix Convention Center for our Plan on More campaign for meeting planners, and an upcoming project for Rio Salado’s new Nanotechnology program. Last year, we even completed a series of testimonial videos for Meritage Homes highlighting some couples and families around the country with a similar approach to creating  awareness and sharing information for our clients.

We believe in the power of storytelling through film and video projects, and would love to help you gain and retain your audience’s attention.

Reach out to us for more information.

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